Written By: Harrison Tew

Attention SASTR customers, we’ve got a product that you won’t want to miss out on. Making their debut this month, SASTR is introducing two brand new (and delicious, may we add) flavours of Kokonuggz!

Here’s everything you need to know about our new additions to the store:

Strawberry Shortcake and Lemonade Kokonuggz

Get your daily sugar fix with our new Strawberry Shortcake and Lemonade Kokonuggz. As always with these popular treats, the new flavours add subtle hints of sweet lemonade and strawberry shortcake while allowing you to enjoy the usual crunchy, chocolatey taste you expect from each new jar of Nuggz.

What are Kokonuggz?

Kokonuggz are high quality chocolates that resemble cannabis buds. Each flavour is uniquely coloured and packaged in glass jars.

Will Kokonuggz get me high?

Nope. Kokonuggz may look like cannabis buds, but don’t worry: they’re 100% good-old-fashioned chocolate with zero medicinal effects.  

Why Kokonuggz?

We know what you might be thinking. If it’s just plain old chocolate, then what’s the big deal?

The appeal of Koko Nuggz lies in the unique appearance of the product – they really do look like cannabis! Although they have zero medicinal application, Kokonuggz provides a great opportunity to normalize the negative stigma surrounding cannabis, which as you know, is what SASTR has been working hard to do since we were founded in July 2017.

By having Koko Nuggz around your house and by sharing them with friends and family, you have the opportunity to chip away at the frightful stigma surrounding real cannabis buds. This means creating a more open and accepting environment without shocking people who may not be used to seeing cannabis up close and personal.

Taking the mystery out of something scary can often be the first step someone takes toward learning about something new.