Since we opened our doors in 2017, we have had the opportunity to speak to customers far and wide about their ailments and how CBD has helped them lead a normal life. We have been uplifted and inspired by our customers on a daily basis, and we’re dedicated to do everything we can to help them.


Unfortunately, many people have severe ailments but cannot afford to buy the regular CBD dosage that they require to feel relief. That’s why the SASTR team is thrilled to announce the launch of our charity, the SASTR Foundation.

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The SASTR Foundation’s mission is to ensure everyone who needs CBD in Canada has access and opportunity. CBD has the power to change lives for the better and we want to make sure the option is available to as many people as possible.




Did you know that for some ailments, CBD doses can be as strong as 1500MG per day?


Since the Canadian government hasn’t yet recognized CBD as a medicine, it is not under any health benefit program. This means there is no way to have your CBD purchases covered by a health care plan. However, we don’t think that should stop people from having access to CBD. We believe that our local communities can step up where our government hasn’t yet.


How you can help


There are many ways you can get involved should you choose – and we encourage you to do so! Every Stop & Smell the Roses location will have a donation box and two vases at the front desk. One vase will be full of roses, and one will be empty.

ontario cbd

All donations are welcome. When a donation is made, you have the opportunity to move one of our roses into the “donation made” vase.


Should you qualify to use the money to pay for your product, you will have the opportunity to move the rose back into its original vase.


Aside from making donations, spreading awareness about the foundation is extremely important. Any questions, comments and kind words will help The SASTR Foundation become well known and successful.


To learn more about The SASTR Foundation, visit us in store or contact us!