Stop & Smell the Roses’ doors have been open for almost a year now, and recently we’ve spent some time looking back on our journey and how access to Ontario CBD (and beyond) has changed since we started.


Here at SASTR we’re constantly working toward two main goals: to increase education about CBD and provide access to safe, high quality, lab-tested products. These goals are the foundation of our company and why we created SASTR in the first place.


When we opened, we were one of a kind. This came with good and bad. While it was at times a struggle to normalize stigma in the cannabis industry, it was also extremely rewarding to give people an opportunity to safely try CBD, and better yet, to hear their success stories.


Now, 10 months later, we have 4 stores across Ontario and a large customer base who is both accepting of the industry and working actively to help us change the stigma in all of our communities.


But we aren’t the only ones who have been evolving.


Ontario CBD industry is booming


Over the past year, we have watched CBD grow and evolve from an unknown (and/or unaccepted) healthcare product to a well-researched, increasingly popular alternative option to pharmaceuticals.


We have watched other CBD businesses open and begin to educate themselves and their customers on the amazing benefits CBD has to offer. And while a growing industry creates more competition, it also helps to lower CBD pricing, increase CBD quality and access, and most importantly, #EndTheStigma.


Before we started, CBD was an unchartered territory that many were not willing to understand. But as more businesses and customers begin to educate and inform, we all work together to create an open and accepting community that is growing every day!


If you have any questions about CBD, contact us! We’re happy to help.