I am a professional kick boxer from Guelph Ontario coaching and training out of Guelph MMA. Kickboxing is an umbrella term that can mean many different standup combat sports, all of which involve punching and kicking. Some rules add the use of the knees, clinch or elbow.

Underneath the violent spectacle, kickboxing is all about self-transformation via martial arts and competition. The gym environment and the camaraderie involved in preparing for combat harkens back to this primal tribalism that I thrive off of.

By the end of this read I hope to provide some insight into my world and how SASTR CBD is a crucial component in my regimen.


How MMA affects the body

A typical training day (aside from the dieting and mental fatigue) involves early morning road work and at least two hard training sessions, not including strength and conditioning. It is a 24/7 job, so rest is a priority. Your body is a weapon that has to be carefully maintained. A fighter knows there is no such thing as a guarantee in battle, but hard work, smart work, certainly increase the chance of winning.

It is the ultimate test. Preparation is like a silent arms race, both sides rushing to gain an advantage. MMA Fighters dedicate months to being absolutely dialed in on training, all for that 10 minutes when the fight actually happens. This extreme process takes a toll on the body.


My injuries

Fortunately, I have never been knocked out in my 60+ fights. When it comes to fighting it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. I’ve sustained countless injuries to my entire body and have fought through them, literally.

As of now I am healthy and the worst thing is nagging tendonitis in my elbow. Regular training puts an enormous amount of strain on the body. Between that and the aspect of brain trauma in combat sports like kickboxing makes CBD an invaluable supplement.

How CBD helps me

Ontario cbd

During fight camps, I began taking a high dosage of the Cibdoal Zero syringe, and after sparring sessions I began vaporizing CBD isolate. I was also eating hemp cookies made with CBD coconut oil on a regular basis (shout out to my lovely girlfriend for making these).

Once I began using CBD, I noticed my recovery time was much better, and I could push through sessions without the nagging pain of old injuries flaring up.

After a tough fight my head is usually throbbing, I feel irritable and have trouble sleeping. Now, I vaporize CBD isolate after a fight. With the vaporizer, the benefits are noticeable immediately. My head feels clear, overall relief from the pain.


Whether you’re a professional athlete or not, there are endless benefits to using CBD. Since using the products I have gained career longevity, but more importantly, quality of life.

Written by: Rocky Huynh 

Approved by: Shelby Andrews