As you all know by now, here at Stop & Smell the Roses we strive to help educate our customers as much as possible when it comes to not only CBD, but the cannabis industry in general.


Our latest way to help break the stigma? Snug Nugs! This unique product not only has a great story, it’s also an incredible tool for cannabis education.


 What is a Snug Nug?


Snug Nugs are double-sided, cannabis shaped pillows. Each Snug Nug features a beautifully detailed cannabis design and can be used to liven up any couch, bed or lounge. Snug Nugs are created using sublimation printing from detailed images of different cannabis strains taken by NugShots, a California-based cannabis media company.


Each Snug Nug is representative of a unique strain, and are currently available in OG Kush, Blueberry Afgoo, and Black Dahlia.


Behind the Nug


Snug Nugs were created by Philadelphia based couple Tyler and Chaykim. After a long day of browsing online in search of decor for their new apartment, Chay had a dream about a nug-shaped pillow. Assuming this style of pillow would be available online, Chaykim and Tyler scoured the web in search of the perfect product.


To their surprise, they discovered that nobody had capitalized on this unique idea. Tyler and Chaykim decided to jump headfirst into their pillow project, and after Tyler thought of the name “Snug Nug” all they had left to do was teach themselves how to sew, make educated decisions about fabrics and materials, and of course… run a small business.


Easy, right?


After originally launching on Kickstarter, the couple has turned “Snug Nugs” into a flourishing venture that is earning them fans around the globe – and all at the ripe age of 25.


More than just a Nug


Of course, the benefits of having a super-soft, cannabis shaped pillow are obvious, but the purpose of this product lies far deeper than just the exterior. This pillow provides a valuable tool in destroying the negative stigma that surrounds cannabis and the cannabis industry, which is what SASTR strives for!


Perhaps most importantly, the Snug Nug provides an opportunity for awareness, and furthermore, education. Something as simple as a pillow can help introduce someone new to the cannabis industry in a light-hearted and approachable way.


So, next time you visit one of our stores, be sure to keep an eye out for the giant “Nugs” hanging on the wall – and don’t be afraid to give our Nugs a hug!


Written By: Harrison Tew


If you have any questions about CBD or the industry itself, contact us! We’re happy to help.