Rick Simpson is most known for his Rick Simpson oil (RSO), highly potent decarboxylated extracts which are commonly used to control symptoms of: cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, blood pressure, depression and much more. The original oil was produced from strong Indica strains, which can have THC levels up to 90%. Now, however, Rick Simpson oil also comes in a CBD oil, which is free of THC.

Rick Simpson is famous in the cannabis industry for discovering one of the first harmless, non-addictive natural alternative for many ailments and medical issues.


The Rick Simpson story

Rick Simpson is a Canadian medical cannabis advocate. In 1997, Simpson was an engineer working in a hospital boiler room. The boiler room was potent with aerosol glue and poorly ventilated. The toxic fumes sent Simpson into a temporary nervous system shock, causing him to fall off his ladder and hit his head.

After the accident, Simpson suffered from dizzy spells and a ringing in his ears. While his symptoms were treated with a prescribed medication, it had little effect and at times even made the dizziness worse.

Simpson’s journey with the cannabis industry began after seeing a documentary on its medical benefits. After seeing the documentary, he spoke to his doctor and was quickly shut down. In the end, he found cannabis elsewhere and immediately saw his symptoms improve.

Fast forward to 2003, Simpson was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma). Knowing he had experienced success with cannabis in the past, he chose to treat his cancer by topically applying concentrated oil to the spots, covering them with a bandage for a few days at a time and re applying.

After only four days, the spots had disappeared. Thus, making Simpson a believer in the medical cannabis world.


Rick Simpson Oil

After experiencing his own success first-hand, Simpson began cultivating and harvesting his own plants to create potent concentrates, which are now what we know and love to be Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

Simpson made it is personal mission to get oil to those who needed it. Though he faced many setbacks – such as doctors refusing to acknowledge his access, arrests and confiscations of products and more—he continued to push forward with his goals while also spreading as much awareness as possible.