When Should I Vaporize My CBD Products?

Written by: Shelby Andrews

One question our customers frequently ask us is whether or not vaporizing is an appropriate intake method for cannabidiol products. To us, the answer is simple: yes, vaporizing CAN be a great intake method, but this all depends on the product itself.

To vape or not to vape

On one hand, when you vaporize CBD you will most likely find relief within seconds. This is because the vapor enters your body at a much faster rate than ingestible products (sublingual can take up to 20 minutes and capsules up to 45).

But, on the other hand, when using products such as CBD MCT oil, the product becomes diluted. The more diluted the product, the fewer health benefits users will reap.

For example, if a person decided to vaporize a regulated CBD isolate, they’re vaporizing a product that is lab-tested at up to 99.6% pure CBD. But if that same person vaporized a 300mg CBD E-Juice (or a CBD mixed with any carrier oil for that matter), they would be ingesting a much more diluted product—one with only 30% CBD to be exact.

The purer the product, the cleaner the vapor and the more relief.

What users need to know about diluted CBD products

While there’s no real need to smoke CBD recreationally (after all, CBD is most commonly used to aid with physical or mental conditions), many companies now provide diluted products such as E-Juice for vaporizing.

Diluted or flavoured products may provide recreational value, but by ingesting these products, you’re missing out on the many solutions CBD can provide.

There is one exception to note, and that is any product that is infused with cannabis or help terpenes. This would allow the user to experience different flavours and many other synergistic benefits.

The bottom line

If you’re using CBD to treat a health concern or for general maintenance, it’s crucial that you pay close attention to the lab tested percentage of CBD per ml of oil—especially if your preferred method of intake is vaporizing. Diluted products just don’t produce the same positive benefits that CBD can truly offer.

If you’re unsure which CBD product is best for you, or if you have questions about CBD in general, contact us! We’re happy to help.