Founder Story: “CBD Gave Me My Life Back”

Written By: Shelby Andrews

Typically, when a potential customer reaches out to the SASTR team about starting their journey with CBD they come to us with hesitance, skepticism and a long list of questions.

Most importantly, they come to us with hope: hope to end their pain, hope to stop their suffering and hope to find someone who can relate to their experiences.

Our Founder Cody Coulson has had an ongoing relationship with the benefits of cannabis products and has seen first-hand how CBD can change lives for the better.

A budding interest

When he was 11 years old, Cody’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Seemingly endless rounds of chemotherapy came with many painful symptoms. As a result, his father began using medical cannabis to relieve the discomfort.

Cody’s father passed away after the second attack, leaving him frustrated with the cannabis system’s lack of regulation and access to quality products, but passionate to learn more about its medical benefits (and driven to find a solution).

Experiencing CBD first-hand

When Cody was 18 he had his first grand mal seizure. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and prescribed a series of daily prescription drugs in order to lead a normal life.

Except, the life these pharmaceuticals gave him was not normal at all.

Almost immediately, Cody began experiencing cold sweats, insomnia and a severe loss of his emotions. After months of feeling anxious, zombie-like and alone, he began asking doctors if there were any alternatives: the short answer was no.

Against medical advice, Cody decided to quit his prescription and try CBD.

The result

The side effects of stopping his previous prescription and starting CBD were incomparable. Almost instantly, Cody’s mental health had completely resurfaced. In fact, his very first dosage sent him into tears of joy as he celebrated having a clear mind for the first time in years.

CBD allowed Cody not only to rid himself of the negative side effects associated with his previous prescriptions, but also from having to take further prescriptions his doctors had prescribed to minimize those negative side effects.

Stop & Smell The Roses

Thrilled with his success with CBD, Cody decided to share his story throughout different communities. The more he shared, the more he noticed a need for CBD products and a lack of access.

At 23 years old, Cody now holds a Plant Production and Facility Management Diploma from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He has also written and published multiple papers on CBD and has founded his own businesses, Stop & Smell The Roses and Coulson’s Cannabis.

Most importantly, Cody is still seizure free and has his life back.