Nanotechnology is a quickly emerging term in the cannabinoid (CBD) industry. If you’re a regular CBD user, chances are you’ve heard about nanotechnology to some extent before. If you’re new to CBD, now is the perfect time to learn about this new form of product!


What is nano-amplified CBD?


Nano-amplified CBD products go through an extra step in order to become smaller and water soluble. While the oil still goes through a CO2 extraction process (the same process all SASTR CBD products go through before they land on our shelves). This method uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and low temperatures to preserve the purity of the oil and ensures quality and stability.


Once this process is complete, the CBD compounds are coated with a layer of liposomes. Liposomes are essentially tiny, microscopic balls of fat (phospholipids), and are a crucial piece of cell membranes.


What are the benefits of CBD nanotechnology?


As a regular molecule, CBD is too large to be water soluble. Generally speaking, the larger the molecule the less soluble it is. When CBD is nano-amplified it becomes water soluble, allowing it to get into your bloodstream much faster and more effectively. This is because water breaks down extremely quickly as our bodies are constantly using it.


In fact, nano-amplified CBD products have up to 8-10x more bioavailability than regular CBD products!


Why should I use nano-amplified CBD?


Aside from the reasons above, nanotechnology allows us to create a much wider range of effective CBD products. For example, at SASTR, we now carry nano-amplified back patches, oral sprays and pain creams. It gives CBD users a larger variety to choose from when trying to find a suitable intake method.


Additionally, nanotechnology allows us to create nano micro-encapsulated CBD, which has different layers of CBD that time release throughout the day for prolonged relief.


If you have any further questions about nanotechnology, or CBD in general, contact us! We’re happy to help.