As you probably know by now, we have spent the last few weeks breaking down each individual CBD intake method. If you are new to CBD, or looking to switch intake methods, it’s crucial that you understand the way each method works within the body.

We’ve discussed the sublingual, ingested and topical methods. This week, we will be covering everything you need to know about vaporizing CBD.


Vaporizing CBD products

Administering CBD through vaporizing refers to heating and inhaling CBD product with an electronic vape product.


Which products can be vaporized?

CBD oils, slabs, crumbles and isolates can all be vaporized. That being said, you must keep in mind that when using products such as CBD MCT oil, the product becomes diluted. The more diluted the product, the fewer health benefits users will reap.

For example, if a person decided to vaporize a regulated CBD isolate, they’re vaporizing a product that is lab-tested at up to 99.6% pure CBD. But if that same person vaporized a 300mg CBD E-Juice (or a CBD mixed with any carrier oil for that matter), they would be ingesting a much more diluted product—one with only 30% CBD to be exact.


How to vape CBD

For vaporizing CBD you’ll need to use a pen that is compatible with concentrates. Scoop a small amount of product directly onto the coil.  Press the button and inhale.  Hold for 5 seconds and exhale.

After vaping, you will most likely feel relief within seconds. Relief will last in the body for approximately 2 hours.


Benefits of vaporizing CBD

CBD isolates, crumbles and slabs are some of the most potent products available. The most prominent benefit of vaporizing CBD is that the relief is strong, and nearly instant. It isn’t always possible to see symptoms coming in order to treat them in advance. Those who suffer from prompt attacks such as anxiety or chronic pain can benefit from vaping as they don’t need to wait for relief.


Who should vaporize CBD? 

We would recommend vaporizing CBD to those who:

  • Suffer from anxiety attacks
  • Suffer from instant, chronic pain disorders such as fibromyalgia
  • Suffer from migraines


If you have further questions about vaporizing CBD or CBD in general, contact us! We’re happy to help.