The holidays are over, the New Year has arrived and the chilly weather is here to stay (for now). So, what does winter mean to you? Seasonal sports, family time and cozy hibernation? Or, shorter days, grey afternoons and the realization that it will be months before we see another leafy green?

While many take advantage of winter months by enjoying seasonal sports and activities, the majority spend December through February fighting the winter blues, or more severely, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). 

If you’re one of the latter, here are a few ways you can kick the seasonal funk and enjoy winter:

Get outside at least once a day

Our hours with the sun are limited in the winter. This means it’s extremely important to take advantage of the time we have with our warm, bright friend. Whether you do something as simple as taking a walk around your block or a quick drive through your neighbourhood, getting outside is good for the body and the soul.

Make sure you’re not getting too much sleep

It’s important to ensure you’re getting enough sleep at night, but beware that getting too much can also result in a shift of mood, and even symptoms of depression. Kick the winter blues by getting into a regular sleep routine each night.

Make time for YOU

Sometimes, all it takes to lift your mood is a little bit of TLC. In all the hustle-and-bustle of life, it’s easy to forget to take some time for yourself. This mixed with the winter blues can lead to anxiety, exhaustion and overall displeasure. Rub on a face mask, pop in your favourite movie, or take a relaxing bath (we recommend using a CBD bath bomb for optimal results).

Try CBD to combat winter blues symptoms

If you find your anxiety, depression or any other mood disorders enhance in the winter, a daily CBD regimen could be just the solution. Check out our previous blog to learn how CBD interacts with the brain and body to help tackle anxiety. If you have further questions, contact us – we’re happy to help.

Stay active (even if you do so indoors)

Keeping active allows our bodies to release the positive endorphins we need to tackle colder months. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast in warmer months, there’s no reason why you can’t learn to enjoy winter weather, too. Invest in proper winter wear so you can continue enjoying your outdoor runs, hikes or whatever you so choose. If the winter blues has you in hibernation mode, try doing home workouts or heading to your local gym a few times each week.

The winter blues is more common than you think. But mixing a healthy schedule, active lifestyle and some personal time could be just what you need.