What’s the most important thing you can do as a current or potential cannabis user? Do your research. Go beyond what people are willing to tell you and do the extra learning yourself.

While this may sound easy enough, with the wide array of existing information, and new information being released every day, it can often be difficult to know where to look. Furthermore, not everything you read online is true. All information is subjective and some websites can display a bias toward their own beliefs.

Here are some of our favourite, trusted ways to learn more about cannabis.

Local businesses you trust

There are many cannabis businesses popping up who have a wide range of knowledge to share. These boutique stores pride themselves not only on product, but on in-depth education surrounding that product. Try popping into your local shops on April 1, or speaking to an LP in your area.

As you know, at SASTR we offer a “learn” section on our website. Many other local businesses do the same!

Peer reviewed sources

Many scholarly articles are now being written on topics such as plant genetics, effects and growth cycles. There is also an increasing amount of clinical trials being performed—while there are not as many Canadian studies, you can look to research in places such as Israel.

When researching scholarly articles, always remember to ensure the sources have been peer reviewed. This means that the information has been double checked by other industry experts to ensure it is accurate and fact-based prior to it being published or accepted.

Well-known websites

As we mentioned before, be extremely cautious when looking online for information. Everyone has their own view, and with so much information out there it can be easy to mix up facts. A few of our favourite places to learn when it comes to cannabis education are:

  • Leafly
  • Lift and Co.
  • Project CBD
  • High Times Magazine

If you have questions that you cannot find answers to online, or you have more questions than the answers you have found can provide, we urge you to dig deeper. Contact us, we’re happy to help educate.