When Cody was 18 he had his first grand mal seizure. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and prescribed a series of daily prescription drugs. Almost immediately, he began experiencing cold sweats, insomnia and a severe loss of his emotions. Cody decided to quit his prescription and try CBD. CBD allowed Cody not only to rid himself of the negative side effects associated with his previous prescriptions, but also from having to take further prescriptions his doctors had prescribed to minimize those negative side effects.

Thrilled with his success with CBD, Cody decided to share his story throughout different communities. The more he shared, the more he noticed a need for CBD products and a lack of access. At 23 years old, Cody now holds a Plant Production and Facility Management Diploma from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He has studied the hemp and cannabis plants for over 8 years. In this time, he has written and published multiple papers on CBD and has founded his own businesses, Stop & Smell the Roses, Coulson Canadian Glassware and Coulson’s Cannabis.


Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Initially, Cassie did not support hemp or cannabis. However, after seeing first-hand how CBD helped her son (and our Founder) manage Epilepsy, she made is her mission to ensure everyone else could have access to both education and safe product.

Now, Cassie is our CEO and CFO. She handles all business operations, finances and oversees all of our stores. Cassie holds a degree from the Toronto School of Business. She has over 20 years experience working in finance and has a passion for entrepreneurialism.


Chief Operations Officer

Kurtis has been following the cannabis market for years and has always wanted to find a way to help spread positive awareness about the plant and its health benefits.He knew that helping start Stop & Smell the Roses would be the perfect opportunity. Kurtis has helped build all four locations and oversees day-to-day company operations.


Chief Operations Officer

Andrew has always been passionate about the cannabis industry but was unsure how to get involved. When he discovered the benefits of the hemp and cannabis plants, he knew this is where he wanted to start.

Andrew has been researching the plants for over 10 years. He has worked hard to understand the benefits of hemp and cannabis as well as working alongside Cody to grow the SASTR business. 


Product Delivery Manager

Brett has experienced first-hand the benefits of CBD through his brother’s Epilepsy and his own anxiety. Now, Brett ensures all four locations are stocked with product. He is eager to grow the brand and help educate our communities on the benefits of hemp and cannabis.


Co-Owner, Owen Sound Location

Abbey has had a passion for the cannabis industry and its many benefits for years, often wondering how to share that passion with the world. Suffering from anxiety and depression, she has first hand experience of what CBD can do for the brain and body! As Co-Owner of our Owen Sound location, she is thrilled to be able to aid people every day and find the comfort they need.


Co-Owner, Owen Sound Location

Ben is passionate about the cannabis industry, as well as helping others, but never knew how to translate it into a profession. CBD has given Ben the perfect opportunity to combine his two passions. As Co-Owner of our Owen Sound location, Ben has had the opportunity to speak with many different customers and has quickly felt how rewarding it is to see the difference CBD can make.